Frequently Asked Questions

When are the orders scheduled to ship?

In a perfect world, all of the items associated with this Preorder would ship just before the release date (June 19th, 2020).  Having them arrive to you right around (or before) the day the album drops.  But let's be honest, we aren't currently living in a perfect world and it's important to be realistic with your shipping time expectations.  While we will do everything we possibly can to meet our proposed shipping dates, there are currently some potential production and shipping delays that are out of our control.  Those who order vinyl record products should be especially advised that there could be delays with the arrival of those items!

Will COVID-19 impact production or shipping times?

While we haven't yet encountered any shipping or production delays with our normal orders at Sheet Happens - we can't predict what the future will hold.  We all need to be aware that given the current circumstances, if we are advised (or ordered by government) to halt our operations, we will.  That also goes for our partners who will be manufacturing the products in this Preorder.  Clothing companies, screen-printers, vinyl and CD manufacturers alike could all experience delays in their production.  So yes, COVID-19 could impact our shipping times.  But having said all this, we will never give up on shipping your orders and will eventually get it to you no matter the circumstances.  A little patience and understanding under the circumstances while ordering these Preorder products is very much appreciated!

I bought a Preorder item which comes with the full album digital download. When and how will I receive that?

Thanks for grabbing a copy of the record!  All of the digital files associated with your order will be emailed to you on or before the release date of June 19th, 2020.  It's important to remember which email address you used while placing your order because that's where the download link will be sent.  Because the download packs will contain large audio files (WAV), we will be using our file-transfer partner "We Transfer".  It would be smart to add the following email addresses to your safe lists in your email contacts.  This will help to avoid having these download links filter to your junkmail!  
Safe email addresses are: noreply@wetransfer.com & support@sheethappenspublishing.com

Where will my Preorder ship from?

Everything will be made in Canada, and shipped from Canada!  

What's the Cancellation Policy for Items in this Pre-Order

Any music items which come with instant download packs will NOT be refundable.  It's not possible to "return" digitally fulfilled items like this.
This means any items which include a Vinyl, CD, or Cassette are not eligible for refunds.

If you bought a clothing or accessory item which does not come with an instant download, and you would like a refund - you will have 48 hrs to inform us.
Just send an email to support@sheethappenspublishing.com with your order number and explain your desire to cancel your order.

There are no refunds or exchanges on items that have already shipped. If you receive a damaged item, please contact our support as all of our packages are insured. If you received the wrong item, please also contact us, and we will arrange to have the proper item sent to you. 


What is the "Quarantine Bonus" that comes with a lot of these Preorder items?

The friendly fellers in PTH wanted to provide something for their fans to do while STAYING HOME.  The official transcriptions for "Palimpsest" are a few months away, but that didn't stop PTH from expediting an entire song for you all to learn on guitar, bass or drums.  All those who Preorder an item containing the album audio (in any form) will receive a download pack containing The Complete Collection for their first single "The Canary".  The transcription will contain all guitars, bass, and drums heard on the song.  The download pack will have PDF and Guitar Pro 7 files of every note!

Where can I find sizing details associated with the clothing items?

All of our clothing items have links within the product descriptions to sizing specifications!  Just click on the product you are curious about and you will find a link in the product's description!

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