Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sheet Happens based?

We are based out of Toronto, Canada.
Go Raptors.

How many people work for Sheet Happens?

We are always growing. We have 4 dedicated transcribers now who are basically miracle workers given the difficulty of the content we throw at them! (Peter, Sungjun, and Evan take care of guitars and bass, while Julien is the master of all things drums). 

The day to day operations of the company are run by a handful of other musical cast-aways. We share the duties ranging from editing, book layout, quality control, printing, binding, packing, shipping and customer service (to name a few).

Does the money I spend go to the artist?

Yes!  We are all musicians ourselves, so we take a great amount of pride in being an 'artist-friendly' company.  We work directly with our artists and their management teams.  Royalties from every sale are paid out as quickly and directly as possible.

Where else can I buy your music books?

We are solely an online company. Take comfort in the fact that you are getting it straight from the source when you order through us.

Buying or selling our used books through Amazon, Ebay or other giant online outlets negatively affects us and more importantly, our artists. Please buy directly from us at www.sheethappenspublishing.com - this is the only way the artists will actually see the proper royalties on each sale. And the only way we will be able to continue to grow as an artist-friendly business.

Do you stock bands with books while they are on tour?

We encourage all of our artists to take their books on tour with them. Whether it's the printed book or a digital substitute (like a custom USB card), we offer a very fair wholesale price to our artists. This way they can ensure that they have a beautiful piece of merch to sell, and also make a bit of profit while out on the road.

I am an artist / part of a band and can't transcribe the music myself. Will you do this for me / us?

Unfortunately, we have become too busy dedicating our time to transcribing and printing only established band's books. We work hard to create a new source of revenue which many artists haven't realized. Because of this, it's important we choose well-established bands who will get behind their books as much as we do.

We are no longer able to offer freelance transcriptions or book layouts, sorry!

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