Stuff You Can Use With Wes Hauch - Vol. 4


Let's be honest...Wes rips. He rips harder than most of us can take in at full speed. That's why we asked him to start a column for us where he breaks down some rather speedy riff ideas he's been toying with. In the column, Wes will show you at full and half speed how to play some really inspiring passages. Everything you see will be transcribed in instantly downloadable Guitar Pro files so you can learn these ideas from the ground up. Thank you Wes, this really is stuff we can use.

In this instalment of "Stuff You Can Use With Wes Hauch", the man himself treats us to an action packed little étude, in which he covers multiple technical and melodic techniques to great effect. We'll let Wes explain further:

"Here's a quick little lick in Fmin that kind of crams in a lot of stuff in a small space. One of my favorite things about a 7-string guitar is that you can get a pretty big harmonic picture in a small space. The lick starts off on the low B. The first set of arpeggios frame up your ear for harmonic minor, especially when it jumps up the Ab Augmented one. After that, it ends on the little descending sequence that bends your ear into a more diatonic home base. I like doing stuff like this a lot if the chords that I\'m playing over permit this kind of harmonic looseness. It takes your ear on a trip with some simple ideas."

Grab the free Guitar Pro lesson file here

Now here it is slowed down:

If you want to learn more about Wes's playing, check out "The Deep Longing For Annihilation - The Complete Guitar Transcription" by his band "Alluvial" below!