Riff Playbooks: Jake HL | Riffs from "Oh Earth"

Jake Howsam Lowe is a rare sight around the Sheet Happens office. Come to think of it, what you're seeing in the video below is the only time he's graced us with his physical presence, and while we can’t say we’re happy with his dismal SH-HQ attendance record, we must admit that what he lacked in literal presence, he more than made up for in guitar playing acumen.

Below, Jake shows us a few excerpts from his solo album "Oh Earth" (for which we have The Official Guitar Tab Book in our catalog!)
In case you aren't familiar with the EP, it's a guitar-playing tour-de-force, and a collection of tunes very much worth examining by any aspiring guitarist!

Before you dive into the video, we'd like to invite you to download the official tabs for these sections - they'll help you immensely in your quest for JHL style excellence.

We'll step aside now and let Jake explain what in the world he is doing on that beautiful pink guitar...

Before we let Jake sneak back to the show he was performing with Plini that night, we fired a couple of quick questions at him about his influences, playing tendencies, and why he likes Symphony X so much!

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