Shadow of Intent: Saurian King | Playthrough + Free Tab

Shadow of Intent’s latest album, Elegy, marks a definitive point in the band's discography. Throughout their previous albums, the progressive, symphonic, and melodic tendencies scattered throughout their technical Deathcore became more and more impressive and well executed. But on Elegy, these aspects have become cohesive to near perfection. If American Symphonic Death Metal is a classification we can use, Shadow of Intent are at the very top, and are only going up from here. 

In the following video, guitarist Chris Wiseman runs through a particularly dynamic song that shows exactly what we’re talking about when we say that Elegy is a new height for the band. Fast and heavy, slow and melodic, and everything in between, “Saurian King” is a fantastic display of the bands penchant for both orchestrated technicality and simplistic aggression. 

Check out the video below, and grab the free tab for this song right here! 

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