Riff Playbooks: Chris Wiseman - The Riffs We Seek

While Chris was in town playing with his band Currents - he was kinda enough to pay us a visit and show us a thing or two on guitar! We asked him to run through a few of his favourite sections from his band's brand new album "The Death We Seek".

Chris generously obliged, and the result is a whole lot of beneficial information about how to play these specific sections.
Being able to watch both up-to-speed and slowed down versions of each section really helps pull back the curtain on how Chris approaches the guitar.  And while playing one's riffs at 75% is a task in itself, he does an excellent job and we all benefit greatly from the demo.  Thanks Chris!

Check out all three videos of Chris riffing below & be sure to grab the FREE download pack at the link right here, featuring guitar pro transcriptions of all the examples played throughout the videos (PDFs as well) ! 

Once you've had time to sink your teeth into these fine riffs, be sure to check out a full video interview we did with Chris toward the bottom of the article.  We cover Chris' influences, the guitar he is playing, advice he'd have for his younger self, and more!

"Unfamiliar" - (Main Riff)


"Unfamiliar" - (Solo)


"So Alone" - (Main Riff)


Chris Wiseman - Flash Interview

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