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Protest The Hero


Protest The Hero - Volition - Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset

Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset

Product Description

Exclusive pressing, limited to 1000 copies.

All 1000 copies hand-numbered on bottom of box!


  • Full Colour Lift Off Lid Box Sets, Full Colour texture print on Inside, Anti-Scratch Silky Matte Lamination 
  • Custom Gold Foil " # / 1000" on Bottom of Box
  • 2x 12" Double Sided 180g records
  • A/B Disc 1 - Custom Mix: Black, Metallic Silver and Pearl White
  • C/D Disc 2 - Custom Mix: Yellow, Neon Orange and Magenta
  • Records Housed in Study, Full Colour Inner Sleeves
  • Instant digital download of Album Audio (MP3)
    *-*Standard Album + Instrumental!**

Extra Components

  • 75 Page Lyric Book with Explanations & 10-Year-Later Introspective Musings by Rody Walker.
  • Custom 9.5" Hand-Crafted Metal Sign. Powder Coated in Black.
  • 3x 20pt Card Stock Commemorative Prints

Important Info for Preorders: 

Please consider that this is a pre-order item.  It is estimated to ship on or around Mar 1st, 2024.
Shipping dates are subject to change / delay.  

By pre-ordering this item, you are acknowledging and accepting this reality.
The email address supplied at checkout will be our point of contact with you to communicate any necessary info about your pre order.

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Vinyl Boxset
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• Physical product ships March 01, 2024
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