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Nick Johnston

Live at Sheet Happens!

Nick Johnston

Live at Sheet Happens!

Nick Johnston - Live at Sheet Happens! - Live Clinic + Q&A

Live Clinic + Q&A

6 String Guitar

Product Description



In this unique Clinic + Q&A presentation, you'll experience the formidable and brilliant playing of Nick Johnston in stunning 4K!
We've teamed up with Nick J. and an amazing team of A/V personnel to create this breathtaking and ultra-educational piece of content.
When you pick up a copy of this instant digital performance, you can expect:

  • 60 minute 4K live clinic featuring 4 full-song, 1-take performances (no edits, no overdubs, no problem!)
  • PDF + Guitar Pro tabs included for every note played.
  • All examples, exercises and etudes transcribed and provided in digital download pack.
  • Live Q&A comprised of insightful audience questions.
  • Expertly answered with in-depth discussion and demonstration by Nick
  • Instant viewing in preferred resolution / audio - watch video stream on demand, on any device!
  • Jam Tracks for all 4 live performances included!
  • Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb - All Songs.


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Live Clinic + Q&A
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