• Silver & Blue Glitter Cassette

Fruit Galaxy

Silver & Blue Glitter Cassette

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Limited Edition of Standards' 2024 release "Fruit Galaxy" on unique, Silver & Blue Glitter Cassette

  • Limited to 100 copies!

  • Silver & Blue Glitter Finish

  • Full Colour J-Card

  • Digital download of Album Audio (MP3) will be Fulfilled on Release Day of March 22nd, 2024

  • Includes Instant Digital Download of New Single "COSMOS"! (WAV)

Important Info for Preorders:
Products on display are "mock ups" (digital renderings of what we anticipate the final products to resemble).
The actual products could vary slightly from our images.

Please consider that this is a pre-order bundle. It is estimated to ship on or around March 22nd, 2024.
Shipping dates are subject to change or delay. 

By pre-ordering this item, you are acknowledging and accepting this reality.
The email address supplied at checkout will be our point of contact with you to communicate any necessary info about your pre order.

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