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The 1st ever vinyl pressings of Paul Masvidal's "Mythical Human Vessel" continue with the second instalment of that EP trilogy, Human.

Mythical Human Vessel is an album trilogy written and performed by the songwriter and guitarist Paul Masvidal. These are the first independent solo releases on his label, Masvidalien Records.

Limited to 300 Copies.

  • 180 gram 12" Record
  • Frosted Clear Disc
  • Full Colour Record Labels (A/B)
  • Full Colour 12" Record Jacket (matted)
  • Black Inner Sleeve (matted)
  • Full Colour, Double Sided Lyrics Insert Print & customized Isochronic Tones meditation instruction
  • Instant digital download of Album Audio (MP3)

“These are songs of healing and transformation, and I hope they will have a similar effect on who hears them.” said Masvidal in a press release.

Side B of this vinyl release contains the track Human, a 20 minute Isochronic Tone-Bath / 'brain-entrainment' technology. These tones are custom designed by Dr. Stephane Pigeon, creator of the website MyNoise. Human contains specific instructions for the listener to utilize Isochronic Tones for their own personal growth. Isochronics are said to produce bio-chemical reactions in the body that increase serotonin, alleviate depression and stress, improve focus, and aid in restful sleep, similar to the effects of exposure to negative ions in nature.

  1. Beggars (Side A)
  2. Hand to Mouth (A)
  3. The Spaces (A)
  4. Come Come (A)
  5. Warrior of the Universe (A)
  6. Human / Isochronic Tone-Bath (with Stéphane Pigeon) (Side B)