• LP - Tangerine + White A Side B Side

Raised in a Doomsday Cult

Tangerine + White A Side B Side Vinyl

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1st ever pressing of Good Tiger's 2020 album "Raised in a Doomsday Cult".

Limited Edition Pressing

  • 180 gram 12" Record (33 rpm)
  • "Tangerine + White A Side B Side" Finish
  • Full Colour 12" Record Jacket (w/Matte Flood U/V)
  • Black Inner Sleeve (matted)
  • Open Top Poly Bag
  • Instant Digital Download of Album Audio (MP3)
  1. Kimbal (Side A)
  2. Ghost Vomit (A)
  3. Whatever Happened To Man's Best Friend (A)
  4. 1252 (A)
  5. Young Speak (A)
  6. Redshift (A)
  7. Animal Mother (Side B)
  8. Sunthrower Flower (B)
  9. GoGo Yubari (B)
  10. Grow Smile Accept (B)
  11. If You Weren't My Son I'd Hug You (B)

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