• 2xLP Opaque Bone with Black + White Marble

The Madness Of Many

2xLP Opaque Bone w/ Black + White Marble

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New Vinyl Pressing of Animals As Leaders' "The Madness Of Many"!
*Shared colour variant, Pressed by Sumerian Records - Limited to 300 Copies Worldwide* 

Limited to 300 copies

  • 2x 140 gram 12" Record (33rpm)
  • Opaque Bone w/ Black & White Marble
  • Full Colour Gatefold 12" Record Jacket
  • Full Colour Inner Sleeves + Record Labels
  • Digital Download Card Included (WAV)
  1. Arithmophobia (Side A)
  2. Ectogenesis (A)
  3. Cognitive Contortions (A)
  4. Inner Assassins (Side B)
  5. Private Visions Of The World (B)
  6. Backpfeifengesicht (B)
  7. Transcentience (Side C)
  8. The Glass Bridge (C)
  9. The Brain Dance (Side D)
  10. Apeirophobia (D)

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