Stuff You Can Use With Wes Hauch

Vol. 2 - Arpeggio Etude in C# Minor


Let's be honest...Wes rips.  He rips harder than most of us can take in at full speed.  That's why we asked him to start a column for us where he breaks down some rather speedy riff ideas he's been toying with.  In the column, Wes will show you at full and half speed how to play some really inspiring passages.  Everything you see will be transcribed in instantly downloadable Guitar Pro files so you can learn these ideas from the ground up.  Thank you Wes, this really is "stuff we can use"!

Wes Hauch


Posted — January 10, 2019

Wes Hauch is back for round two of his Sheet Happens column, "Stuff You Can Use with Wes Hauch". This time he is serving up a dark and epic arpeggio regimen that will quickly have you sweep picking with the best of them. Check out Wes's much more accurate and academic description of the lick below.

"Here’s a little mid tempo 16th note triplet etude in C# min. It changes keys briefly on the second half but ends on the V chord. This thing is good for getting you comfortable with moving through your minor inversions and a bit with your dominant ones too."

Before digging in, grab an instant download to the associated Guitar Pro files for this passage (PDF included as well).

Fast Version:

Slow Version:

Stay tuned for more "Stuff You Can Use with Wes Hauch".

Wanna learn more about Wes' playing?  Check out links to The Complete Guitar Transcription of his band Alluvial below!

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