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Cynic - Humanoid Freebie


Paul Masvidal; guitarist, vocalist and song writer of "Cynic", sets out for himself quite a challenge when diving into each new recording. Orchestrating technical and highly melodic guitar parts with soaring and equally melodic vocals is no small feat. (Especially when they are to be played in tandem by one person!)

Posted — December 7, 2018

It's no wonder that Cynic's releases have been staggered by anywhere from four to fifteen years. By some folks' standards, these are excessive amounts of time, but when hearing the nuance and flow that Masvidal achieves in his writing, it is plain to see that he takes exactly as much time as he needs.

Sheet Happens teamed up with Paul to bring you the Guitar Transcription of Cynic's latest effort, Humanoid. Here's what he had to say about the song;

"Humanoid is a showcase of the classic Cynic dual-guitar riff approach from our earlier records, but reinvented, with tasty chromaticism, subtle layered textures, a question & answer lead section post chorus, and a wide open guitar solo supported by just the rhythm section."

You can a grab completely FREE transcription of the entire song HERE

Check out Paul's full play through for Humanoid:

Record label Season of Mist has just released a limited 10" Vinyl Record with Humanoid on Side A and a remixed and remastered version of the CYNIC classic Veil of Maya on Side B.  Limited to only 400 copies. You can grab one HERE!
was officially released January 15, 2018. We thought Blabbermouth's write up was tastefully done: Check it out.

In the works..

Paul & Sheet Happens are working away on a 25th Anniversary Guitar Book for Cynic's First album Focus. Edited by Paul and the Sheet Happens team, and transcribed by Evan Bradley, this book marks the beginning of an in depth and definitive look into the musical universe of Cynic. Look for it early in 2019 in both Printed and Digital versions!

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