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Apathian - Micro Freebie

Phil Sgrosso

Apathian, As I Lay Dying

Posted — June 9, 2021

Phil Sgrosso, guitarist of metalcore giants As I Lay Dying, has been prolific in his musical pursuits. Between the storied discography of AILD, multiple side projects, and performing touring guitarist duties for bands such as Saosin and Nails, Phil has managed to keep his resume extensive and diverse. In keeping with that spirit of diversity, his new instrumental project “Apathian” sees Sgrosso exploring sounds and approaches that veer from the paths from his previous work, and into some very exciting new territory. 

Sheet Happens teamed up with Phil to bring you The Complete Guitar Transcription of Apathian's first effort, "Micro".
Here's what he had to say about the song;

"Micro" is my first attempt at writing with an 8 string with a much lower tuning range.  There just seemed like so many possibilities and a newfound heaviness I wanted to explore with my songwriting style while still making it unique and different from anything I'd done before with my other bands.  The writing and recording process was a combination of challenging, stimulating, and rewarding......as it should be.

You can a grab completely FREE transcription of the entire song HERE (download pack contains PDF + GP7 files!)
While you're at it, check out the wild video for "Micro" below:

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