Vol. 3 - Bb Dorian - Hybrid / Economy / Legato Lick


Let's be honest...Wes rips. He rips harder than most of us can take in at full speed. That's why we asked him to start a column for us where he breaks down some rather speedy riff ideas he's been toying with. In the column, Wes will show you at full and half speed how to play some really inspiring passages. Everything you see will be transcribed in instantly downloadable Guitar Pro files so you can learn these ideas from the ground up. Thank you Wes, this really is stuff we can use.

The long awaited Vol.3 of "Stuff You Can Use With Wes Hauch" is finally here! Wes has been working away putting together some fantastic new passages that are sure to challenge and inspire your playing. First up in this latest batch of pure guitar gold is a speedy little piece that covers a multitude of techniques for both hands. We'll let Wes explain in further detail:

"This is a lick in Bb Dorian that shifts gears rhythmically right at the end. It starts out at a friendly feel for 16th note triplets at 95bpm with the hybrid picked section. When it slides up to Bb on the low E string, you'll economy pick through another pretty friendly pattern if you're familiar with the 31313 type of patterns. However, this one is a bit different because it starts on the low E string, so in order to complete the bar of 16th note trips -  The pattern in 313132. This pattern is nice because you can get it cookin' pretty well once you find your sweet spot with how much pressure to apply with the pick. The next little descending bit does a familiar 3rds pattern in C# Lydian, then you ascend again on the 313132 pattern in Gmin7b5 - Then you slide up and hit the gas on the legato part in Bb dorian. I chuck a few b5\'s in there for some extra 'tude. This lick is kind of a marriage of ideas that come from my reverence for Larry Carlton. It\'s kinda like if Donald Fagan and Larry Carlton went out and had a REAL big night and were super hungover the next day during the gig. Larry would've been moving through these friendly 16th note patterns and then just f**ken hit the GAS at the tail end of the lick. Donald Fagan looks over in his sunglasses and gives Larry a surprised, yet approving nod to the lick as he kicks back into the vocal part."

Before you dig in to the videos, grab the free Guitar Pro lesson file here!

Now here it is slowed down:

Well that should keep us all busy for a while, but if you want to learn more about Wes's playing, check out "The Deep Longing For Annihilation - The Complete Guitar Transcription" by his band "Alluvial"!

We'll be back soon with more "Stuff You Can Use With Wes Hauch"!