Vol.2 - Hybrid Arpeggio


Watching a guitar player like Nick can be many things: inspiring, entertaining, even downright mystifying. When Nick is going full speed ahead it seems almost inexplicable. His playing is a mix of tight and loose, modern and classic, and melodically succinct while exploring vast ideas and emotions. In this series, the man himself, Nick Johnston, is going to share with you the methods he uses to attain this level of other-worldly shred.

In this second instalment of "Atomic Techniques", Nick serves up another mind-bender of a pattern that will quickly become a valuable part of your improv arsenal. Combining alternate, hammer-on and hybrid picking, Nick achieves an arpeggio line that is both texturally and rhythmically dynamic.

The combination of staccatoed down picking and finger picking packs a huge amount of nuanced tone into a tiny space, making for a very textured passage that offers more character than a traditional arpeggio phrase (most often achieved by sweep picking).

This technique is a fresh take on a classic. Another victory in Nick's mission to discover the most interesting and economical methods to rip geets.

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