Vol.1 - Muted Legato


Watching a guitar player like Nick can be many things: inspiring, entertaining, even downright mystifying. When Nick is going full speed ahead it seems almost inexplicable. His playing is a mix of tight and loose, modern and classic, and melodically succinct while exploring vast ideas and emotions. In this series, the man himself, Nick Johnston, is going to share with you the methods he uses to attain this level of other-worldly shred.

Though Nick's musical sensibility and particular uniqueness aren't necessarily things that can be taught, the techniques that he employs for those ideas definitely are. It may seem like an insurmountable task to get up to speed with Nick, but in watching this series you will quickly learn that his unique approach to guitar is attainable, and that it is less an issue of complexity, but more so one of hard work and persistence. 

In this first volume of Atomic Techniques, Nick runs us through a hybrid picking/fretting pattern that he has developed to quickly and efficiently rip around the neck. This technique gets you the most bang for your buck, spending as little energy as possible with your picking hand, and filling in the gaps with a reasonably simple fretting pattern. Check out the tab below, and watch the video to see the picking technique that Nick is using, as well as some context for how this idea can be applied! 

If you think you have a handle on this and want to grab the full transcription for Nicks little shred-fest, you can grab them for free right here! Included are GP/PDF files for the main pattern, as well as complete tabs for all of Nick's improv from this video! 

For even more lessons like this, check out Nick's Atomic Improv series, where he puts together some absolute shred and provides accompanying video demonstrations & tabs! 

And for Nick's "Remarkably Human" complete guitar transcription click here