The Omnific - Erin | Playthrough + Freebie


In an age where bass duties are more and more frequently sequestered to a Macbook sitting stage left, Australian instrumental prog band, The Omnific, are standing up for those of the low end persuasion. Boasting not one, but two bass players (and zero guitarists) these fellas are making the case that not only is bass a necessary piece of the puzzle, but that it has the range and dynamics to do the heavy lifting of a song all on it's own.

The Omnific's sound can clearly be traced through the last decades meteoric rise of instrumental prog music, The sound is modern and shares its DNA with quite a few Sheet Happens bands. But instead of taking the obvious path of assigning a lead guitarists as defacto singer, they've doubled down on the bass of it all and are out to prove that this instrument, often thought of as the unseen layer of glue that binds guitar and drums, can actually produce the intricacies worthy of a front and centre voice. 

Well here's their pitch. Below, Bassists Matt Fack, and Toby Peterson tear through their song Erin, and in doing so, persuade us to think twice about what the bass guitar is capable of. If you're picking up what they're putting down you can grab the free tab for this song here, and check out "The Mind's Eye - The Complete Bass Transcription Here"

Here's a little insight from Matt about how this song came together thematically:

"The story of Erin is bittersweet. The song was written whilst I was in hospital dealing with Type 1 Diabetic complications and was an outlet to express my feelings. The nurse (Erin) I had throughout my stay was understanding and supportive so this song is named after her. Erin is one of the more chilled out songs on "The Mind's Eye", using the chordal expressiveness of the Bass throughout the piece." 

Wan't to check out some more of The Omnific? Stream their EP "The Mind's Eye" at your preferred streaming service below!