Riff Playbooks: Tom Monda of Thank You Scientist


Riff Playbooks column is designed to make you a better player. By gleaning some insight into the technique, composition, and execution of these fine riffs by fine SH artists, you are bound to make headway in your own playing. We cordially invite you to steal a page from our books in order to expand your own diabolical playbook of musical wizardry (not literally though, the books are expensive to create).

As a sponsor / vendor on a tour which featured  "Thank You Scientist", we (Sheet Happens) had the enviable pleasure of watching Tom rip his guitar live every night. He's one of those players who doesn't make mistakes - and if he does (we still can't say that confidently...) he has a dignified way of playing them off like they were intentional.  You can tell he's put in a lot of work to get there - and we were lucky enough to sit down with him for a few minutes one day in San Diego.

Tom decided to show us the intro from "Rube Goldberg Variations", a song off TYS's latest album "Stranger Heads Prevail".  The song just so happens to be an SH "Featured Freebie" for the month of December - so if you'd like to follow along with the tab, you need only grab a FREE and instant copy HERE.  In the book, we are looking at Bars 1-11, starting on page 54.

We wanted to hear more about Tom's eclectic leanings as a musician, so we fired some questions at him.  Check out the short interview below:

To check out The Complete Guitar Transcription for Thank You Scientist's latest album Stranger Heads Prevail, click HERE.  

If you\'d like to listen to the song Rube Goldberg Variations it its entirety, head to one of the links below: