Riff Playbooks: Steffen Kummerer of Obscura

Steffen Kummerer has been crafting and refining his bands sound for just over two decades, and their latest - A Valediction - lays bare the work and progress achieved in all of that time. The stylistic, technical and melodic sensibilities on display throughout the record are masterful and well earned, and we were lucky enough to have Steffen stop by Sheet Happens HQ to share some of said skill and sensibility with us, and subsequently you! Below, Steffen runs us through some riffs from said record (and guitar book options, which you can check out here), and explains some of the thoughts, ideas, and techniques behind them. Watch the videos, grab the free tabs, and learn a thing or two from one of Tech Metals greats!

First thing's first: Click here to grab the free tabs for the sections below, and play along! 

"Devoured Usurper" - Intro: Bars 1-10 in "A Valediction - The Complete Guitar Transcription"

"A Valediction" Chorus: Bars 41-56 in "A Valediction - The Complete Guitar Transcription"

Flash Interview + References Below:

References / Links:

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