Riff Playbooks: Like Moths to Flames | Excerpts from No Eternity in Gold

Zach bravely endured Toronto traffic this summer while he made his way to our office from the venue he was playing.
He was in town with his band "Like Moths to Flames" and was excited to see the Sheet Happens office.
We couldn't have been more pleased to have Zach drop by - both to finally meet him in person, and also to learn from his playing!

He chose to teach us a few sections from the band's latest full length album "No Eternity in Gold" - for which we have an official tab book right HERE!
If you don't already own said tab book, be sure to grab the FREE download pack right here, featuring guitar pro transcriptions of the entire sections from the videos (PDF included as well).

The first section is from the song "Fluorescent White".  As Zach will tell you, it's an upbeat and bouncy riff which will surely help you work on your alternate picking - especially your ability to accent upstrokes with power and purpose!

The next section Zach treated us to was the outro from the final song on "No Eternity in Gold".
It's a hell of a breakdown riff from the song "Spiritual Eclipse" and a very heavy way to end an album!
Zach gives us some insight into how the section was constructed with a little help from their producer.

Before he had to head back to the venue to sound check, we fired a few questions at Zach to get to know him better.
Below is that quick interview:

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