Riff Playbooks: Intervals | Neurogenesis Breakdown Riff

Assuming you are like us (an avid Intervals fanatic), it's likely that you've already watched Aaron's new guitar play through for "Neurogenesis". It's the second single from his forthcoming album "Memory Palace".

As is tradition with all Intervals tunes, this recent single is packed with riffs.  Wall to wall, this song is a very fun listen - but it's even more fun to play!
There is one particular section of Neurogenesis that really 'scratches an itch' - and if you've heard the track, you probably know we are talking about that very heavy, and very gratifying breakdown portion.

We and Aaron both agreed that everyone should have access to learn this riff exactly as he plays it.
And so, here we are: offering you this absolute belter of a riff, completely free of charge.
Click to grab the PDF & Guitar Pro files here!

...all we ask in return is that you bang your head while you play it.

Once you are finished, and inevitably feel the need to learn the rest of the song (and eventually, the entire album) - look no further than the TAB BOOK pre-order for "Memory Palace".  All pre-orders come with instant download links to learn both available singles in PDF and Guitar Pro formats (the songs "Neurogenesis" and "Mnemonic").

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