Riff Playbooks: Intervals | Lunartic Bridge and Interview

Time flies doesn't it?  It's already been 8 long months since Aaron last popped by our office, and as is tradition, his visit was accompanied by a veritable cornucopia of delicious riffs. Hopefully you've already read Aarons previous columns, and have learned everything there is to learn from his SH drop ins thus far - if you enjoyed those, we can safely say that you are in for another treat here!

Below, Aaron walks us through his approach to writing and playing the bridge section of "Luna[r]tic", the third song from his soon-to-not-be-latest album "Circadian" (that's our convoluted way of saying he's got a new album ready to go!).  By watching the video below, you'll not only learn how to play this section, but you'll also glean some insight into the role the bridge plays in the tune, according to the man himself!

Before you begin, do yourself the favour of downloading the FREE download pack at the link right here, featuring guitar pro transcriptions of all the examples played throughout the video (PDF as well)!

We couldn't let Aaron leave without probing his musical mind about what is making him tick these days.
Watch below as he fields our questions with the sincerity and expertise we've come to expect from our friend and collaborator of over a decade! 

Thanks Aaron, we can't wait to help you release what's next bud!

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