Riff Playbooks: Intervals | Lock & Key - Part.1

A few months ago, in May 2023, Aaron Marshall and the Intervals gang rolled through our mutual hometown of Toronto, supporting Spiritbox on their sold out "Eternal Blue 2023" tour through the US and Canada. Before very kindly treating the SH staff to an incredible show, Aaron swung by the office to coach us through some of the trickier sections from his song "Lock & Key".

In Part 1 - Aaron takes you through the intricate and bouncy intro of the song - the very first piece of music we all heard from his latest effort, 2020’s full length album "Circadian".
Aaron is in a league of his own when it comes to articulating what he’s doing on the guitar, so we will spare you our interpretation of what’s happening in this incredible riff, and let him do the talking! 

Check out the first of our two-part series from Aaron below & be sure to grab the FREE download pack at the link right here, featuring guitar pro transcriptions of the entire section from the video (PDF included as well)!

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