Riff Playbooks: Golden Mouth of Ruin

In our second Riff Playbooks column with Archspire ( the current and reigning champions of Canadian tech death ) we have again the wildly talented Dean Lamb,  running us through a section of the song “Golden Mouth of Ruin” from their new full length / tab book “Bleed the Future”. In this passage, Dean taps (and picks extremely quickly) through some quasi arpeggiated scale runs which hit that sweet spot between classical and metal, making for some top tier modern tech death. Immensely fast and impressive on one hand, and melodically evocative on the other, this excerpt of the song showcases exactly what you’re in for with “Bleed the Future”, blisteringly fast and impressive performances across the board, but with a real sense of musicianship that takes the music far beyond just a showing of technical prowess. Check out the video below, and grab the free tabs for this section here. And once you’re satisfactorily impressed by Dean’s ridiculously impressive writing and playing abilities (trust us, you will be), check out the entire record, and grab yourself a copy of “Bleed the Future - The Complete Guitar and Bass Transcription” right here