Riff Playbooks: Alex Jung | Strange Beauty

Join us in welcoming Alex Jung to the Sheet Happens family!

Prepare to be mesmerized by the virtuoso talents of Alex Jung, the latest addition to our roster of guitar-wielding warriors. Connected through our mutual friend, the legendary Nick Johnston, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for teaching that is second to none.

But Alex isn't just another guitar virtuoso. His steady rise in the guitar world is fuelled by a relentless dedication to his craft, evident in the hundreds of beautiful etudes he generously shares through his social media platforms and Soundslice. Each note, a testament to his unwavering commitment to inspire and educate fellow guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

When we approached Alex for video excerpts from his latest tab book, "Inside Passage - The Complete Guitar Transcription," he didn't hesitate. With precision and feel, Alex delivered two stunning videos, both showcasing his unrivalled technique and profound understanding of the instrument. Take a look below as Alex Jung guides us through some intricate passages of "Strange Beauty".

Before you get started, we recommend grabbing the FREE TABS for the entire lesson HERE.

And now that you have the tabs in front of you, here's Alex with some notes on the sections from the videos...

"I'm diving into the second half of the guitar solo in my composition "Strange Beauty." I particularly enjoy the 7/4 open jazz triplet feel of this solo section, which features a I-VI-V progression in F minor.

For the guitar solo itself, I'm utilizing some of my favourite techniques like drop2 arpeggios, triad inversions, and diagonal scale patterns."

"The upcoming part is the main riff of the song. The basic concept involves a five string arpeggio pattern played on different degrees within F minor, incorporating colourful notes from the melodic minor, harmonic minor, and aeolian scale.

Dealing with the open G string can be tricky, so I focus on keeping my right hand close to the strings for effective muting. While I'm using my own unique picking pattern, this section could also lend itself beautifully to a cross-picking approach.

Have fun exploring!"

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