Misery Signals: The Fall | Playthrough + Tab

Misery Signals latest LP, "Ultraviolet", is to say the least, a triumphant return. It had been roughly 7 years since their previous release, "Absent Light", and we have to assume that the band spent that down time both keeping their chops up to 110 %, and preparing to once again raise the bar for Metalcore the world over. Well, mission accomplished, Misery Signals. You've done it again. 

For further evidence backing up the official Sheet Happens take (that this band and album rule) here's a fantastic playthrough that guitarist Ryan Morgan put together for us. Here we see Ryan flawlessly make his way through "The Fall". This song is a great example of the bands unique melodic and technical sensibilities. The diverse chord progressions, use of a-typical meters and polyrthymic guitar leads are all tools that can, in the wrong hands, drive a song into the realm of challenging to the point of alienating. But Misery Signals never sacrifices a song to the pursuit of technicality. These tools are implemented in a thoughtful way that will excite a listener with that musical language, but will never confuse or distract from the song for those who don't.

Here's a little insight from Ryan about his playing on the song:

"The right hand is driving through this whole song. And it's with a steady, almost non-stop sixteenth note strum. But there are enough pauses and accents with the right hand that it starts to feel groovy, and a little polyrhythmic. Makes it a fun one to play."

Watch the video below, and click here to grab the free tab for "The Fall"!