Harbinger: Guitar & Piano Playthrough


Tim MacMillar of Protest the Hero was kind enough to take an afternoon and sit down to record this multi-instrumented playthrough for SH.

"Harbinger" is no easy task on guitar OR piano, but watching Tim work his way through this complicated song will help you better understand what is going on from section to section.

Tim had this to say about the song:

"It was fun to tackle Harbinger and try to highlight the back and forth of the piano and guitar performance. When it was written, the piano was intended to be sampled.  During tracking, some of the piano lines were on-the-spot compositions - so there wasn't much thought about how to play it live. I always felt a little lame sampling this piano (and would sometimes mime it onstage) when we had performed the tune live and was up for the challenge to actually pull it off. Having just gotten back from a tour where I did play both parts live, it's given me some more insight on the performance. For the video, we were able to tighten up the transitions between instruments but live I've had to find a few sneaky tricks. Mainly, I've either had to drop out the guitar riff a bar or two early to prep the piano sections. Luckily, when going from piano to guitar, you can hold the sustain to help with a smooth switch. I actually programmed a patch change on my AxeFX during the piano parts to mute my guitar so I don't have to deal with a volume roll down because every beat is valuable. Have fun with this and I recommend a swiveling office chair with no arms for best performance "

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