Firewind - Wall of Sound Solo - Gus G Lesson

In celebration of our recent release for the "Best Of Firewind" Official Guitar Tab Book, our friend Gus G has been kind enough to film this solo playthrough from the song "Wall of Sound".  As you'll hear from Gus below, this solo has a bit of everything - and perfectly encapsulates what you should expect from the broader material found in this new book!  We are so proud to have Gus as part of the family, and hope you enjoy watching and learning from this video as much as we did!

Before jumping into the video, be sure to grab the FREE TABS HERE!
(Zip file contains PDF + Guitar Pro Transcriptions)

Here's Gus on the Solo you're about to enjoy!

"The main solo from "Wall of Sound" is a bit challenging, as it combines many techniques. Alternate picking, string skipping, tapping, economy picking and soloing over different keys. A good tip while learning this is to play relaxed. Practice slow at first, isolate each part and then piece it together. There's a lot of stuff going on, so make sure you feel comfortable with each part first before you go to the next one. Pay attention to the right hand as you'll need to mute some of the notes on the opening cascading lick and also making sure there's no unwanted string noise while doing the legato string skipping parts. Please note I'm always tuned one whole step down. Enjoy!"