Everyday Ghosts - Guitar Solo Playthrough + Tab


Tom Monda may be a kind, gentle, and polite human being. But on the guitar, he's a ruthless monster. In his relatively short time on planet earth, he's learned a thing or two about his instrument. We'd best listen...

Thank You Scientist's new album Terraformer is absolutely brimming with ingenious guitar work.  From beginning to end, Terraformer invokes a recurring question; "how in the world is this being played!?"

Well first of all, Tom has anticipated that question by transcribing the entire album start to finish as seen here!  

Secondly, he has blessed us with this awesome playthrough video of the solo from the song Everyday Ghosts. All we did over here was add the notes & supply you with what you need to learn it  Grab the FREE TABS here!

Before you dig into the video, here's what Tom had to say about the solo:

"The solo from Everyday Ghosts is a fun one.  It's got a cool harmonic framework that's really fun to improvise over.  The B section moves up a half step, much like tunes such as 'Impressions' or 'So What'.  I use some symmetric diminished (half whole) ideas to connect these two sections, so I'm sort of implying A7 (V7alt chord) of the new key (d minor) to create tension.  I also use a fair amount of bebop influenced language.  Notice how I use enclosures (chromatic and diatonic) to hone in on the chord tones or colors I want to emphasize within a given line.  The last lick utilizes an interesting chord pair (Dmaj7 and G#minb5) to get some intervallic sounds with a lydian vibe.."

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