Destrage: Italian Boi | Guitar Playthrough

Our working relationship with our friends in Destrage dates back a long way, and throughout the years we’ve come to learn that they can always be counted on for a distinct vision, and some serious attention to detail - both in their musical and visual output. We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to present this spectacular example of both - an incredible playthrough of "Italian Boi", one of many heaters off their latest album "So Much. Too Much."

Here's Destrage guitarist and all-around riff maestro Matteo with his thoughts on this wild ride of a tune:

"Italian Boi is a fun song to play on guitar. You will deal with playable riffs and chilled, strummy choruses until you meet the polyrhythm final boss in the outro. Let us know how that fight goes. Besides focusing on the playing, we wanted this guitar video to look Italian to the core. During the hottest days of this summer, director Stefano Galli filmed us on a hundred years old Milanese tram, in a Sicilian gelateria, in front of a lavasecco and inside the unmissable pizza place - don't come telling us that Turkish can't do pizza or we make an insurrection! Big thanks go to the super nice owners that let us film at their shops, and to Sheet Happens for their utmost fitting scrolling tabs!"

We have teamed up with Destrage to give you a copy of the Complete Guitar Transcription for "Italian Boi".
Grab your copy of the PDF and Guitar Pro Tabs HERE!

We are convinced you'll want more once you get through this, so be sure to grab a copy of their new Guitar Tab Book for 
"So Much. Too Much." - Transcribed by the band themselves!

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