Derya Nagle: Old Solos


Derya Nagle is back, and blazing through the frets. Though he and the rest of The Safety Fire have gone their separate ways, their particular brand of avant-garde technical rock lives on, both in our hearts and in our catalogue.

In our last column with Dez, he ran us through some of his lead work on the latest Good Tiger album, "We Will All Be Gone" (Check that out here). Said column showcases the refined and intriguing approach to lead guitar that Dez has developed over the years, but don't let his restraint fool you, if the man wants to go for a rip, he goes for a rip. 

The guitar solo from "Old Souls" is truly a standout moment of The Safety Fire's sophomore record, "Mouth Of Swords". Dez's melodic inclinations are on full display, as are his endless chops and airtight technique (not to mention a vibrato for the ages). 

Check out his playthrough of the solo below, and download the free tabs if you're feeling brave!

If you want to learn or listen to more from The Safety Fire, head over to their Sheet Happens artist page, where you can purchase their entire discography in both tab and vinyl form!

And if you want to hear "Old Souls" in full, head to your preferred streaming service below: