Cracks of Light: Guitar Playthrough


Dan Weller of "Sikth" was kind enough to rip through "Cracks of Light' in its entirety for us! While there is no such thing as an easy Sikth song - Dan sure makes it look that way...

"Cracks of Light" is a cracker of a song from Sikth's newest album "The Future In Whose Eyes?".  It punches you in the face from the very beginning, and does not let up until the final chord some 4+ minutes later.  This is what we have come to expect from the band though - shock us early on and leave us wondering what happened at the end.

But here's your chance to learn everything in between.  Watch Dan weave his way through this incredibly complicated, yet beautifully crafted song from start to finish.

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To Listen to Cracks of Light in full, head to one of the links below: