Bleed From Within - Alone In The Sun | Playthrough + Freebie

Here at Sheet Happens, we throw around a lot of terms to describe the guitar mastery that we are constantly surrounded by. With so many talented artists in our catalogue spanning all manner of genres and playing styles, the descriptions can become a little long winded, and necessarily so. However, only one brief and wonderful term comes to mind when describing Bleed From Within: "Riff Lords". These guys have riffs, and they know how to use them. 

Lead guitarist Craig Gowans was kind enough to shoot this play through for their song "Alone In The Sun", to give us an in depth look at how he is pulling off BFW's fantastic brand of dark and anthemic Metal. Here's what he had to say about the track:

"Alone in the Sun was one of the first songs written for Era, with a classic BFW groove at the beginning, melodic chorus, heavy middle 8 and finishing with the pattern referenced earlier in the pre chorus. It was the first time we really explored melody in a chorus, which we were worried about at the time, but it turned out great. Our ex-guitarist Martyn actually wrote most of the solo before he left the band, but he was totally cool with us stealing it."

Want to give this song a shot? Grab the free tab here! And be sure to check out "Era - The Complete Guitar Transcription" for many more wonderful examples of the aforementioned "Riff Lording". 

Need some more Bleed From Within? Check out their album "Era" at your preferred streaming service below, and if you're in the market for a Metal guitar masterclass, grab the complete guitar transcription here