Archspire: Lucid Collective Somnambulation | Playthrough

Dean Lamb, the speed demon himself, is back once again to show us all a thing or two about tech. This time he's offering up an absolute ripper of a playthrough for the song, "Lucid Collective Somnambulation", in which he pinches, sweeps, and generally just "technical death metal's" his way through this cacophony of early Archspire riffs. 

If you're feeling very brave and even more dextrous, the tabs for this song (and many more of course) are available in our latest book with the band, The Lucid Collective - The Complete Guitar And Bass Transcription, which will provide a challenge that is sure to consume any of that extra indoor time that you\'ve suddenly found yourself with. Enjoy the playthrough below, and of course, stay tech.

Once again, you can grab the physical or digital book here. And if you'd like to listen to some more Archspire, check out this record at your preferred streaming service below!