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Masvidal - Mythical - Vinyl Bundle

Vinyl Bundle

Product Description


Mythical - Vinyl Deluxe Bundle

Mythical Human Vessel is a trilogy of records written and performed by the songwriter and guitarist Paul Masvidal. These are the first independent solo releases on his label, Masvidalien Records, of which the first collection, Mythical, will drop May 31, 2019.

  • Mythical - 1st Pressing - LP
  • SIGNED Glossy Photo
  • Custom Black Metal / Enamel Mythical Pin
  • Instant digital download of the entire record audio + Bonus Track "The Spaces" (Mp3)

1. The Vinyl:

The 1st ever vinyl pressing of Paul Masvidal's "Mythical EP"! 

Limited to 500 Copies.

    • 180 gram 12" LP - Translucent Red 
    • Full Colour 12" Record Jacket
    • Black Inner Sleeve (matted)
    • Full Colour, Double Sided Lyrics Insert Print
    • Full Colour Record Labels (A/B)
    • Download Card
    • Instant download of the stand-alone single "The Spaces" (WAV & Mp3)

Mythical - Tracklisting:

  1. No Other Words (Side A)
  2. Into the War (A)
  3. Parasite (A)
  4. Nebula (A)
  5. Letter to Love (A)
  6. Mythical (with St├ęphane Pigeon) (Side B)

2. The SIGNED Photo:

  • 5.5 x 7" Paul Masvidal SIGNED Glossy Photo

3. The Pin:

  • Custom 1.5" Black Metal / Enamel "Mythical" Pin


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