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The Shape of Colour


The Shape of Colour

Intervals - The Shape of Colour - Deluxe Bundle

Deluxe Bundle

Product Description


The Shape of Colour - Deluxe Guitar Book Bundle

  • The Complete Guitar Transcription - Spiral Bound
  • Custom Intervals TSOC Pick Tin loaded w/ 10x 1.0mm Dunlop Jazz Guitar Picks
  • Custom 4GB USB card containing Print-Ready PDF & Complete Guitar Pro Files
  • Instant Digital Download (eBook, GP Files)

1. The Book:

  • The Complete Guitar Transcription for Intervals' 2015 album "The Shape of Colour"
  • 142 Pages
  • 14pt front and back covers with high gloss UV finish
  • White plastic coil binding
  • 70 lbs offset pages printed on 98 bright white stock
  • *Plastic coil binding lays flat while reading and won't warp or break during shipment.

2. The Custom USB Card:

Custom Printed 4GB USB card containing everything you'll ever need to learn "The Shape of Colour" on guitar. At just 2.2mm thick, this Wafer USB is one of the thinnest USB Cards in the world: ideal to store in your wallet, pocket or organizer. Photo printed on both sides in full vibrant colour to showcase the TSOC artwork beautifully.

USB Card Contains:

  • Print-Ready "The Shape of Colour" PDF Tab eBook
  • The Complete Guitar Pro Files (.gpx)

3. The Pick Tin:

The Shape of Colour album art themed custom pick tins containing 10 signature guitar picks. The tin lid slides off for easy access to your picks. Enough room to fit a huge amount!  The top and bottom of the tin feature portions of the cover artwork from the album. Very durable and compact.

You get 10 Full Colour TSOC picks
All picks are Dunlop Tortex Standard Jazz III ( 1.0 mm )

  • E A D G B E - All songs except...
  • D A D G B E - "Libra"

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