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While he is not studying architecture, Plini gets busy building songs. Somehow, his early 20's body was fitted with the ears of someone who has been writing, recording and performing music far beyond that.

While his songs are chock-full of wonderful hooks, Plini is still able to craft his pieces into wildly interesting movements of evolving dynamics, feel and instrumentation. "Ko Ki" exemplifies both his attention to detail and his willingness to help others.

As you will find out while reading the score's intro, Ko Ki was meant for something much more than ear candy. Musicians everywhere can take notes from both his musical aptitude and his worldly awareness. Over here at Sheet Happens, we can't wait to see what he does next!

We are proud to offer our very first "full score" digital single. Inside this digital download, you will find a fountain of resources. Every note of every instrument has been transcribed - we even incorporated two print ready PDF books in case you just want to focus on the main parts of the song without 'reading around' everything else. Perfect for your tablet or phone.

Find below exactly what comes with your purchase:

  • - Ko Ki master Guitar Pro 6 file. You choose how to listen, view and play along with the song. Slow down, speed up, change pitch, the options are pretty endless with Guitar Pro.
  • - 2 separate digital PDF layouts for the main instruments on the track. One book displays the guitar and piano, and the other displays drum and bass
  • - HD .WAV file of the song (the way it was meant to be heard)
  • - 2 Main Axe FX ii tones used on the recording of the song. You get one lead patch and one clean patch. Dialed in by Plini himself, no less!

(firmware 17.00)

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb - Ko Ki

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