Anthology 6-Pack


Anthology 6-Pack

Periphery - Anthology 6-Pack - The Complete Guitar Transcriptions

The Complete Guitar Transcriptions

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Get the entire Periphery DIGITAL guitar book collection for a great price PLUS save on shipping. 
Set comes with 6 digital books. Over 900 pages of riffs!

P5: Djent Is Not a Genre:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 164 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

P4: Hail Stan:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 110 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

P3: Select Difficulty:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 193 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

P2: This Time It's Personal:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 186 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

Juggernaut: Alpha:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 165 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

Juggernaut: Omega:

  • Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 127 Pages.
  • Product Details HERE.

This Anthology book pack comes with a copy of the 'print-ready' PDF e-books AND the complete Guitar Pro files for the entire albums (guitars only).

See individual book product pages for more tuning information.

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