Nick Johnston

Atomic Mind

Nick Johnston

Atomic Mind

Nick Johnston - Atomic Mind - 1st Pressing - 2x LP

1st Pressing - 2x LP

Product Description

The 1st ever vinyl pressing of Nick Johnston's "Atomic Mind".
Limited to 300 Copies.

All 300 Copies SIGNED by Nick Johnston!
  • 2x 180 gram 12" LP - Translucent Tan w/ Apple Red Blob ("Colour-in-Colour")
  • Full Colour Wide Spine 12" Record Jacket (w/ Matte Finish)
  • 2x Black Inner Sleeve (matted)
  • Full Colour Record Labels (A/B/C/D)
  • Instant download of Digital Album Audio (Mp3)

Wide Eyes In The Dark - Tracklisting:

  1. Atomic Mind (Side A)
  2. Ghost of Robot Graveyard (A)
  3. Last Deals of Dead Men (A)
  4. Silver Tongued Devil (Side B)
  5. Out of the Wasteland (B)
  6. Wonderful Madness (Side C)
  7. Ultra Force (C)
  8. Scoundrels Lounge (C)
  9. Lost in a Dream (Side D)
  10. My Final Days on a Doomed Planet (D)

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