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Vinyl Collector's Bundle


Vinyl Collector's Bundle

Intervals - Vinyl Collector's Bundle - Vinyl Collector's Bundle

Vinyl Collector's Bundle

Product Description

Grab both copies of Intervals' New Vinyl "Circadian" for a great price!

Vinyl Collector's Bundle includes:

  • "Mint Chocolate Chip" Splatter Vinyl SIGNED!
  • "Strawberry + Banana"  A Side B Side Vinyl SIGNED!
  • Art Print 11.5" x 11.5"
  • Slipmat 
  • Digital Delivery of Album Audio on Release Day (MP3 + WAV - Nov. 13th)
  • Instant Digital Download of new Single "5-HTP" (MP3) 

Psst - Don't want your vinyl copies signed?  Just let us know and we will make sure Aaron keeps his filthy mitts off your stuff

**Giveaway! Automatically be entered into the "Circadian Weekly  Giveaway" by purchasing this product**
*No purchase necessary. See contest details prizes, for all methods of entry and eligibility by region  

Important Info for Preorders: 
Please consider that this is a pre-order item.  It is estimated to ship on or around January 15th, 2021. 
Shipping dates are subject to change / delay.  Given the ongoing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic, there are potential production delays which are out of our control.  

By pre-ordering this item, you are acknowledging and accepting this reality.
The email address supplied at checkout will be our point of contact with you to communicate any necessary info about your pre-order.

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Vinyl Collector's Bundle
All prices in USD Dollars
• Physical product ships January 15, 2021
• Receive Instant Digital Download on checkout!