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Deluxe Book Bundle


Deluxe Book Bundle

Intervals - Deluxe Book Bundle  - The Complete Guitar Transcription

The Complete Guitar Transcription

Product Description


Everything you need to become better than Aaron on Guitar

  • The Complete Guitar Transcription - Spiral Bound SIGNED by Aaron
  • Custom Intervals Circadian Pick Pack loaded w/ 10x .88mm Dunlop Flow Guitar Picks
  • Jam Tracks - Exclusive, remixed audio tracks of the entire album with select guitar tracks removed so you can play along!
  • Digital Delivery of Guitar Book + Jam Tracks on Release Day / Nov 13th (MP3, WAV, PDF, GP)
  • Instant Digital Download of New Single + Complete Song Guitar Transcription for "5-HTP" (MP3, PDF, GP7) 

**Giveaway! Automatically be entered into the "Circadian Weekly  Giveaway" by purchasing this product**
*No purchase necessary. See contest details prizes, for all methods of entry and eligibility by region  

  • D A D G B E - All Songs Except...
  • A E A D G B E - Vantablack
  • A D A D G B E - String Theory

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Deluxe Guitar Book Bundle
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• Physical product ships November 13, 2020
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