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Protest The Hero

Canary Long Sleeve

Protest The Hero

Canary Long Sleeve

Protest The Hero - Canary Long Sleeve - Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Product Description

"Canary" Full Front Print on Black Long Sleeve

MADE IN CANADA!  (Fair Labour / Sweatshop Free / Premium Quality)
50/50 Ring Spun Poly/Cotton Jerico Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Black.
*Size Chart can be found at the Jerico link above*

Important Info for Preorders: 
Please consider that this was a pre-order item.  It is estimated to ship on or around June 29th, 2020. 
Shipping dates are subject to change / delay.  Given the ongoing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic, there are potential production delays which are out of our control.  

By pre-ordering this item, you are acknowledging and accepting this reality.
The email address supplied at checkout will be our point of contact with you to communicate any necessary info about your pre order.
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Canary Long Sleeve
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