Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return or Exchange My Vinyl Order?

No, sorry!  All vinyl record sales are final.  Because of their delicate nature, we do not accept returns or exchanges on vinyl records - unless, of course, they have shown up damaged or defective.  If this is the case with your order, look below to the next FAQ question!

My Vinyl Record Is Noisey When Played

Many of the records we offer are referred to as "coloured vinyl".
This is where multiple compounds are being pressed together to achieve a visual effect (like splatter, marble, etc.)
While surface noise can be experienced, (to varying degrees) while when listening to any vinyl record, the likelihood and intensity of this surface noise can increase with coloured vinyl.

When purchasing coloured vinyl records, you are accepting this higher risk of surface noise, and therefor your listening experience.

My Vinyl Record Was Damaged During Shipment - What Now?

We take the quality of our records very seriously.  We stock, pack, and ship meticulously safe so that your vinyl shows up unharmed!
That being said, all vinyl is subject to minor cosmetic defects, cosmetic damages, or cosmetic differences due to the nature of the vinyl pressing and shipping process. Cosmetic defects or damages that do not impact the sound quality or playback of the vinyl itself is not covered by Sheet Happens. There will be no reshipment or reimbursement available for minor cosmetic defects or damages to vinyl/vinyl sleeves. 

Please email us within 10 days of receiving your order if there is a major defect or issue with the actual functionality of your product and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

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