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Papelillo Writing Contest


For this second “Impulse Voices” preorder prize pack, Plini has decided to get a little creative, and is hoping that you will do the same! This time we are running a writing contest, using a section from the yet to be released second single "Papelillo" from his forthcoming record. Participants will grab the backing track, and will need to create a musical piece using this section as the basis. 

Posted — October 27, 2020

Seeing as no one knows what Plini is doing over top of this on the record, the hope is that you will get wild and creative with it, and use any instrumentation style you want to make it your own, without any expectation of what it “should” be. Feel like ripping a huge solo? Fantastic. Maybe some saxophone or vocals? Just as fantastic. Literally anything that this piece sparks for you is a-ok in Plini’s books, and as this is a writing contest, the winners will be chosen based on creativity first, and performance second. There will be three opportunities to win, and Plini will personally pick each of the winners from the submissions. 

The contest begins today, October 28th, and will run until November 15th. Submissions will be accepted until midnight eastern standard time on November 15th, and the winners will be chosen November 18th. 

How to participate:
Download the backing track (click here) and use your preferred recording method to compose over top of it.
Upload a video of your entry and make sure your profile is public (does not have to be live, but you will get points for performance!)
Tag @plini and @sheethappenspublishing in the video & use hashtag: #papelillocontest

And that’s it! If you’ve followed those steps correctly, you are entered to win 1 of 3 fantastic prize packs from Plini & ourselves, as well as our friends at Neural DSP and GetGood Drums!

1st Place: Choice of Neural DSP Plugin, GetGood Drums “Modern Fusion” & “Studio Cabs: Zilla” & $150 USD Sheet Happens Store Credit
2nd Place: Choice of Neural DSP Plugin & $50 USD Sheet Happens Store Credit
3rd Place: Choice of Neural DSP Plugin & $50 USD Sheet Happens Store Credit

All Entries - Everyone that enters will receive a 15% off promo code for the Sheet Happens store

We are very excited to hear what you all come up with, and we can safely say that Plini is as well! Enjoy the challenge, do your best, and best of luck!

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