Propagandhi - Duplicate Keys Icaro - Chris Hannah Lesson

Chris Hannah


Posted — June 25, 2020

Chris Hannah, vocalist and guitarist of Canadian thrash / punk masters, Propagandhi, recently shared with his Patreon subscribers a wild and winding tale about the meaning and history behind the song "Duplicate Keys Icaro" from their 2012 LP, Failed States. This story was very interesting and entertaining, if not a heavy one, but overall something that listeners seemed to really enjoy and appreciate. We're not going to attempt to relay that story here, but if you are a fan of ol' Chrissy and his band, we highly recommend that you check out his Patreon exclusive podcast and hear what he has to say about this song, and many other Prop classics.

In the podcast, Chris takes on Propagandhi songs one by one, and examines the lyrics, writing, recording (whatever he feels is most interesting in regards to any given track). With this song however, perhaps due to the nature of the initial episode, it seemed that Chris wanted to add some levity to the legacy of "Duplicate Keys" by doing a Q&A part two regarding the usual song writing / recording aspects that weren't touched on in part one, as well as with this fantastic lesson video in which he slowly runs through each section so that we can all get a grasp on how he pulls the song off live. The ever giving Jesus H Chris has decided to share with you all, the tabs to go along with this slowed down live version of the song, which we've attached to the lesson video so you can watch and learn. To top it all off, you can grab a free download of the official "Duplicate Keys Icaro" tab right here! Enjoy! 

You can check out Chris's Patreon page here!

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