Perhaps You May have Heard Of...

Perhaps You May Have Heard Of... Wurãyah

Posted — February 13, 2020

Wurãyah are a band very much of their time. As has always happened, genres contort themselves in and around one another to create something new, but 2019 seems to have made room for even the most obscure combinations. The primary genres at play for this Tokyo band are Neo-soul and Math-rock, both relatively young styles that focus on the stranger aspects of their parent-genres. Wurãyah, in their creativity and technical proficiency, have married these two sub-genres in a very refreshing way. What to do if you love, say, Badbadnotgood and Dillinger Escape Plan. Or Toe and The Internet. Their answer seems to be; Make a very cool band about it. 

Lead guitarist and songwriter, Takashi Katsunori, comes from another band; Cyclamen - a Tokyo prog metal project that has shared both stage and album time with the likes of Protest The Hero, Sikth, and many more. Being in this band, and playing with musicians that can hang in the modern prog metal world has clearly bequeathed some serious musical ability. That ability has translated here in the creation of some technically impressive, yet catchy and approachable songs. With the rise of math rock in underground music and of Neo-soul on the global pop stage, the board is set for Wurãyah to be their strange and wonderful selves. 

Below we have a guitar play though for the song “White Mixed Brown Hair” from Wurãyah’s debut EP “Turquoise Frog”. Takashi has been kind enough to shoot this play through for Sheet Happens, as well as to provide a tab for those of you who are picking up what he’s putting down. You can grab those here for free!

If you’d like to hear more from Wurãyah, check out their very short, but very wonderful Turquoise Frog EP at your preferred streaming service below:

Apple Music
Google Play

And follow them on any/all of their social platforms to keep up to date (We hear they have more music coming in the not too distant future!)


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