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Printed Anthology Pack
4 Printed Guitarbooks
$95 CAD
Approx $76.00 USD

Get the entire Angel Vivaldi PRINTED guitar book collection for a great price PLUS save on shipping!

Included are the complete "Jam Tracks" for all 4 albums. These are versions of the albums with the leads removed so that you can play along in real time!
Set comes with four digital books. Over 400 pages of riffs.

Ring bound in black coil binding. 148 Pages.
Product Details HERE.

The Speed of Dark:
Ring bound in black coil binding. 112 Pages.
Product Details HERE.

Universal Language:
Ring bound in black coil binding. 90 Pages
Product Details HERE.

Away With Words:
Ring bound in black coil binding. 85 Pages
Product Details HERE.

This Anthology book pack comes with a copy of the 'print-ready' PDF e-books AND the complete Guitar Pro 6 files for the entire albums. (guitars only)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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