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The Shape of Colour - Custom USB Card
$30 CAD
Approx $24.00 USD

Custom Printed 4GB USB card containing everything you'll ever need to learn "The Shape of Colour" on guitar.

It's all the value, without the expensive shipping! Plus you'll have a custom USB drive for personal use too. (Cards are not locked and fully customizable)

At just 2.2mm thick, this Wafer USB is one of the thinnest USB Cards in the world: ideal to store in your wallet, pocket or organizer. Photo printed on both sides in full vibrant colour to showcase TSOC's incredibly colourful artwork.

Card Contents:
- Print-Ready PDF Tab eBook
- The Complete Guitar Pro Files (.gpx)
- HD Audio of Entire Album in WAV
- Digital Liner Notes from Album

Dimensions and Weight
Length: 85.5mm (3.37 inches)
Width: 54mm (2.13 inches)
Height: 2.2mm (0.09 inches)
Weight: 12.63 grams (0.45 Ounces)

* All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

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